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About XBRL - ( IGAAP & Ind AS )Business reporting tool

  • Online web based software
  • End to end solution to convert financial statements/Annual report into XBRL.
  • Based on C&I taxonomy issued by MCA
  • Inbuilt business rule issued by MCA
  • Successful validated with MCA validation tool.

Demo Of XBRL

Features Of XBRLPlanning & Researching

  • User-friendly, tag, untag, edit features
  • Intuitive and User-friendly
  • Flexible data inputs (by source document, direct copy paste and by type also).
  • Easy tagging of auditor’s report and director’s report (Directly copy and paste from source document along with all formatting)
  • Easy tagging of text block (Directly copy and paste from source document)
  • Current and previous year tagging at one go
  • Foot note features for every element and every table
  • Auto data saving
  • Inbuilt calculation link base.
  • Project management dash board for multiple filings.
  • Table management dash board with view, edit, delete and validate options.
  • Migration of previous year information
  • Balance sheet and profit and loss account link with notes.
  • Generic business rules and specific business rules issued by MCA already inbuilt in the software.
  • Generation of XBRL document


  • A listed vendor and XBRL software service provider on MCA XBRL website since 2011.
  • On the MCA Committee to assist successful implementation of XBRL.
  • Approx. 1100 filings every year have taken place through Rhapsody XBRL Application.
  • Ravindra Vadali, our Founder and CEO, is a member of core group of ICAI for developing C&I taxonomy as per Revised Schedule III
  • Ravindra has authored the first practical XBRL publication by Taxmann – XBRL Demystified - A practical guide for effective MCA filing.
  • Ravindra has trained more than 1500 professionals/corporate members till date on XBRL in India and abroad.
  • Ravindra is faculty on XBRL for ICSI and ICAI members and students.

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